Customer flow Management


Bloom is an advanced customer flow management system…

…that keeps customers informed about the queue process, assuring that their priority in line is being respected. This system also allows professionals to collect all the information they need to manage effectively their service and resources.


Customer Flow


How will customers register in the system?

Before arriving at the site, customers do not know how many people will be in line and, when they arrive, they may not know which service would best suit their needs. Using Bloom, customers can take their turn sooner by scheduling an appointment online or generating a virtual ticket. Arriving at the site, taking a turn is also a simple and straightforward process.


What can customers do while they wait?

While waiting for their turn, customers often get bored and even frustrated. They do not want to waste time in line when they could be doing something else. Using Bloom, the waiting conditions can be improved by placing screens showing dynamic content, and notifying customers when it is their turn. The impact of the waiting time is reduced, since customers can use their time as they wish.

How will customers know when it is their turn?

When customers’ turn comes, they need to be notified immediately. For that, appropriate notification systems are required. Using Bloom, it is possible to highlight the name or ticket of the customer in screens displayed on-site along with a sound signal or even voice calling. It can also notify customers through SMS or mobile notifications.


Flexible and Scalable

Bloom is a highly flexible and scalable system that can be customized completely for each business and activity specific needs, right now and as they evolve. Its architecture will let adding new services and devices, implement changes, and quickly adapt to the ever-present.