Digital Kiosks and Billboards

We are proud to continue providing high quality digital kiosks and billboards for indoor and outdoor.
We have more than 100 standard models and in some cases we are in the 7th generation of our kiosk models, and each one an improvement on the last generation.

Designed for you
Thought for everyone

Digital Signage is gradually eliminating the printing factor and facilitating content distribution to all designated medias, which includes indoor and outdoor media locations. By delivering instant interactive digital content to the end user, our partners’ Content Management Solutions (CMS) and Content Creation are set to eliminate obstacles in broadcasting the created content instantly and in a timely defined matter. We have partnered with several specialty Content Management Solution providers and Content Creators worldwide giving our customers the option in choosing the most effective and profitable way of creating, managing and delivering their own message through our media mea’s range of LCD and LED display solutions. With this in hand.

ComCrafts will always support all of its clientele through its diverse, high quality digital media display products, and solutions directly and through its distributors and partners worldwide.