Smart Boards & Touch Screens


A new way of 21st century-style communication


The world today is defined by data. Amid exponential growth in unstructured data, interaction and collaboration are the two keys to opening up different perspectives and facilitating information exchange to transform that data into insight. The shift from analogue to digital communication is disrupting learning and business models by enabling educators and business people to scale the scope of their analysis.

When you can view data at a glance, exchange information on the fly, derive actionable insight on a real-time basis, the question is no longer how to get the data, but what to do with it. The E-board solution gives you the power to collaborate and interact in classrooms and workspaces defined not by walls, but by connections. Welcome to the home of twenty-first century communication.

Intuitive, integrated, intelligent

Samsung E-board Solution offers an intuitive, integrated and intelligent way to drive the results you want in your business or educational space


Interactive learning solution,ready to go

Improve learning outcomes with a crisp, seamless and interactive in-class experience. Easy-to-use, fully packaged product empowers learners and educators to reflect more on the content of the lesson. Samsung’s in-built Interactive Whiteboard software can bring the lesson to life on screen.


Business collaboration,the way you need it

Say goodbye to old ways of working with a leading-edge solution for enhanced collaboration. Empower workers to bring in their own devices. Share and annotate meeting material on the fly and distribute to meeting participants immediately. Build a productive workplace that ensures optimum levels of communication and collaboration.