As a audiovisual company, ComCrafts has grown to become one of the leading professional and commercial sound providers in the country.

Our audio products range from digital amplifiers and speakers, to mixers, wireless microphone systems and digital processors used in sound reinforcement, to integrated VOIP intercom systems for security and communications.  As a complete sound solutions provider, we specialize in all aspects of commercial audio, including public address, voice communications, voice evacuation and emergency paging requirements.

The complete Advanced audio offering includes a complete range of amplifiers, voice evacuation systems, PA speakers, Pro-Audio speakers, wired microphones, wireless microphones, conference systems, network audio adapters, intercom systems, network paging and bells and mobile / portable audio systems and mixers.

Automated PA System

Phonetica is the leading fully Automated Public Address system designed for Airports and Airlines. The system has been developed using the world’s most advanced patented Text-To-Speech technology.