Wireless Presentation


Barco ClickShare

Simply share your laptop or mobile device on a main presentation screen.



Skip the hassle of cables and the wasted time connecting to screens. With Airtame plugged into a screen.


Crestron AirMedia

Complete wireless HD presentation from any mobile device and any platform.

Meeting Room Wireless Presentation

Wireless presentation systems are an increasing market for offices that require a presentation room where employees or visitors can share content from their device on a communal TV, Projector or Monitor. ClickShare eradicates hefty costs involved with wired set ups and makes the sharing of content via a meeting room display far simpler and user friendly, saving time and increasing engagement.

Barco ClickShare enables you to wirelessly send the display content of your computer, laptop or mobile device in High Definition over a WiFi signal to a Display or Projector of your choice. Content is shared with a video quality of 30 fps and is accompanied by sound. With its ease of use, multi user support and convenience, it really is the newest development in presentation and collaboration. Differing to other presentation devices which connect to your existing wireless network to send video, ClickShare creates it’s own standalone secure WiFi signal for devices to connect to. This has a few benefits; it creates a more secure way to share content and reducing the chances of content being spied on, doesn’t affect bandwidth or connectivity to your existing Wireless network and avoids security issues that come with visitors connecting to your current network