Passive Networks
Choosing the right type of cabling, Data room racks and equipment’s for your needs, installing it properly and verifying compliance with required standards is one of the keys to getting the most out of your network and telecommunications investment
Structured Cabling Services

Our cabling technicians can quickly and affordably cable your new offices in anywhere across KSA.

We offer network multiple locations, or simply add a single network drop to your existing infrastructure. We are experienced in both Local and Wide Area Network and Telecommunications cabling Fiber or UTP installation and service, and have the expertise to support all of your cabling needs.

Technical Services for your Modern Data Center

When it comes to the data center, you are asked to exceed service level objectives while improving cost efficiencies; when partnered with us, these aren’t mutually exclusive asks. Our approach improves upon the self-service model; we work closely with your admins to build a private cloud infrastructure that will ultimately extend to a public cloud; all the while, increasing your operational and management insight.

We specialize in hybrid cloud technology and have a dedicated engineering team that leads up this approach, which offers cost savings, improved efficiency and minimized risk. As your technology partner, we help leverage the benefits of this approach by mapping out your cloud migration and managing the on and off premise components of your infrastructure.

ComCraft’s Methodology
We are your partner through every stage of the process. Our methodology begins with a project kickoff meeting and data collection and analysis. We prepare a project plan and develop a design through multiple sessions. Our engineers continue implementation through equipment staging, solution deployment preparation, validation of design functionality, solution deployment and onsite support. Once implemented, we operate and optimize your solution and initiate skills transfer to your team. Finally, we provide complete documentation before signing off the project.